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Since the mid-1970s, trade schools have grown in popularity and the reason is simple. New job trades are more abundant than they were a generation ago. Health, business, technology, and mechanical trades only begin the list of potential industries looking for trade skills. For those who know the skills they possess, and are looking to expand upon their skills for employment, then a trade school is a perfect match. Trade schools hone in on a particular trade and refine the skills needed to gain employment upon graduating. The health and technology industries continue to lead the demand for well qualified and skilled individuals. Dental hygienists, radiation therapists, and computer technicians are typical trade school graduates. Those who have not decided what career they are looking for would be better suited for a general education degree, whereas the person who is looking to refine or learn a particular skill would be best enrolled in a trade school. Trade schools continue to grow with the shortage in skilled trades overtaking the industries in which they are needed. As demand rises, so does the average salary of trade related fields. The annual average salary of a dental hygienist is $62,000 for 2011. Trade schools offer great career benefits and should be attended by those who seek a job within a specific trade.

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