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At Remington College campuses, we offer a variety of education programs. While no reputable school can guarantee employment after graduation, our programs are designed with an emphasis on helping students to prepare for entry-level employment in various career fields.


Convenient location --- Just 12 miles northwest of New York City, easily accessible to all major highways, easily accessible by bus lines and located close to the Hackensack bus terminal.


IBMC College offers life-changing, accelerated career training for adult learners. Whether you are a recent high school graduate, starting a new career or an individual looking to make a change, we can help you get started training for a new,rewarding career in 19 months or less!


Congratulations! Your interest in California College San Diego is an important first steptoward changing your life. A career-focused degree is the key to a new career with apotentially higher income, better benefits, and more satisfaction.


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