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As with the growing healthcare industry, Nursing continues to grow at a rapid pace. A degree in nursing opens the door to a rewarding and long lasting career. With America's baby boomers aging, the nursing field is stretched rather thin. There is a growing shortage of qualified nurses, and a degree program as an RN or BSN has proven to be extremely valuable. A degree as a RN typically takes two to three years to achieve and is taken at a community college. Employment begins after a student completes the required state exams and is hired at a nursing home, hospital, or other medical facility. Earning an RN degree is an accomplishment and leads the way to earning a BSN degree, or, Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The RN to BSN program advances skills and allows a nurse to take on additional responsibilities. A RN to BSN degree program is taken at a four year university, with an emphasis on research, leadership, and education advancement. Once achieved, career advancement for a BSN degree holder is imminent. Patient care responsibilities are increased, research papers can be reviewed, and leadership opportunities are available.

Sample courses for the RN to BSN degree include:

Examples of some RN to BSN courses include:

  • Nursing Research Introduction
  • Health Care Trends and Issues in the 21st Century
  • Ethical Decisions in Health Care Services
  • Community Health
  • Leadership and Management in Nursing
  • Health Assessment and Promotion
  • Statistics
  • Pharmacology Issues
  • Capstone Project

Any nursing degree is a great accomplishment. With an aging population in need of care, the nursing profession will continue to grow and more quality nurses will be needed.

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